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For Sprinter Van – 8 Piece Window Cover Kit – Insulated & Magnetic



• Block sunlight, UV rays & radiant heat
• Keep the van cool in summer & Block heat loss in winter
• Protect the dash and other interior components from damage by the sun
• Bring complete privacy to your vanlife
• Sliding door and Crew window covers only suitable for the bare metal window frame
• Color: Dark olive-gray inwards & Black outwards
Featured: 4 season covers have much better insulation!!!
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8 PIECE KIT: Windshield + Front doors + Crew window + Sliding door + Rear doors + Roof vent fan cover
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Sprinter Van Window Cover Kit Included:

· Windshield sunshade

Applicable with or without the rearview mirror.
A number of fiberglass rods are sewn into the windshield cover to improve the overall rigidity and prevent sagging.

· Front door window covers – pair

Applicable with or without grab handles.  The cover with bug net, can be folded down 1/3 from the top.

· Rear door window covers – pair

Suitable for a bare metal, full plastic or half plastic trim window frame.
SPECIAL FITMENT NOTES: Our rear door covers for Full Plastic and Half Plastic trim have magnets and require 3M metal tabs to adhere to the edge of the GLASS (Not the plastic) for the window cover to attach with. This kit is included in the product.】

· Crew window cover   (the 1st row behind the driver’s side)

Suitable for a bare metal window frame.
Adventure Wagon Kit and other custom framed window boxes are temporarily not supported.

· Sliding door window cover

Suitable for a bare metal window frame.
The T-Vent style fits CRL/AMA/VWD window. It can not only be turned up on one side, but also can be folded left and right.
The custom size framed window boxes are not supported.

· Roof vent fan cover

It is customized for the MaxxAir and Fantastic fans. We provide additional magnets to be placed inside the fan flange so that the magnets inside the cover can be firmly attached.

Advantages of Our Sprinter Van Window Coverings:

· Customized for Mercedes Sprinter Van

We measure the size of the van window carefully, build a data model, and then output it to a precision cutting machine to cut the material precisely, ensuring that the shape of each shade can completely fit the window frame of the camper van so that it can cover entirely.
Of course, the covers are sewn by hand using a sewing machine! We have powerful industrial sewing machines. They penetrate intensely and have dense stitches to sew insulation and fabric tightly. There is no doubt that our curtains can be used for a long time!

· Effective intermediate insulation

5.5mm XPE foam covered with double-sided aluminum foil is used as automotive-grade insulation. Double-sided aluminum foil can block UV rays and 95% radiant heat; foam plays a vital role in insulating heat transfer. In summer, the heat outside the van can’t get in, and the temperature inside the van drops significantly; in winter, the heat inside the van can’t get out, slowing down the temperature loss. We add 3M Thinsulate or high-quality cotton inside the 4-season covers for better insulation! The windshield cover and front door covers are all 3M Thinsulate, the rest of the covers will be shipped randomly from 3M Thinsulate and cotton versions. Protected by the inner waterproof layer of the fabric, it will always stay dry and hygienic.
The insulating foam is non-toxic, without any harmful additives. Please rest assured to buy and use.

· Powerful Rare Earth Magnets

Unlike ordinary fixed curtains, our shades use magnets and can be easily installed and removed.
In a bumpy driving environment, the magnetism of the magnets around the window shades is strictly required. We choose neodymium magnets with high adsorption strength and sew them to the edges to ensure that the shades can be firmly attached to the metal frame.

· Durable Fabric

For the fabric, we use ripstop polyester, which has a robust anti-ultraviolet ability, good wrinkle resistance, and long service life.
The two sides of the covering are different colors: black and dark olive-gray. Our designed usage is that put black towards the exterior and gray towards the interior. In this way, the inside of the van is completely dark when viewed from the outside, creating an excellent privacy effect; the gray surface has a grid pattern decoration, which is stylish and not easy to get dirty.
In addition, the side of the fabric facing the insulation is equipped with a coating with excellent water resistance. At the same time, it increases the hardness of the fabric and prevents the fabric from cracking.

· Easy To fold & Store

We often need to open the curtains to get light or look at the scenery outside the window, so the folding function perfectly meets everyone’s needs.
For crew/slider door and rear door window covers, we can easily fold the covers from the bottom to the top and fix them with Velcro, a bit like blinds, saving the trouble of repeatedly removing and hanging the covering.
Of course, when we want to take them off, fold them up for storage space-saving.

Get the Full Sprinter Window Cover Set for Complete Privacy and Temperature Control!

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  1. Very pleased with the product and customer service from Vanncamp.

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For Sprinter Van - 8 Piece Window Cover Kit – Insulated & Magnetic For Sprinter Van - 8 Piece Window Cover Kit – Insulated & Magnetic
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