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For Sprinter Van – Rear Door Thermal Blanket w/ Screen


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• Fit 2007-2024 Sprinter van
• Block sunlight & UV rays
• Bring more privacy to your van life
• With bug screen – breathable & keep insects out
• With Thinsulate insulation – block heat loss in winter
• Reduce noise from outside the van
Color: Dark olive-gray inwards & Black outwards
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Are you looking for a way to keep your Sprinter van cozy and comfortable in any weather? Look no further than the Sprinter van Rear Door Thermal Blanket w/ Screen!

Our product is divided into upper (Bed Partition) and lower (Garage Partition) parts, the whole height just covers the back door.
The upper part is a combination of an insulation blanket and a soft bug screen. The mosquito net can be used after unzipping, so it is suitable for use even in summer!
The lower part has two separate pieces, one is a bug net and the other is a thermal blanket, both of which can be combined with the upper part through the built-in magnets.

Relying on numerous powerful magnets around the edge, it hangs over the rear door like a barrier, serving as a bed partition as well as providing insulation and privacy. The thermal blanket is made of Thinsulate insulation & durable fabric that reflects heat and blocks cold. The screen is a mesh material that allows air flow and visibility while keeping bugs out. You can easily switch between the thermal blanket and the screen with the built-in zipper. Whether you want to enjoy a warm night in your van, or a cool breeze on a sunny day, the Sprinter van Rear Door Thermal Blanket w/ Screen has you covered!



Upper: Insulation blanket with a scalloped bug net on the top half;
Upper & Lower (bug net): Upper + Garage Partition bug net;
Upper & Lower (thermal blanket + bug net): Upper + Garage Partition bug net + Garage Partition insulation blanket.


More Material Information

Thermal Blanket Material: 3M Thinsulate filling, ripstop polyester fabric
Bug Net: Mesh
Magnet Grade: N50 rare earth magnets
Height: Bed Partition (36.6″); Garage Partition (35.8″)
Width: Match the width of the back door
Thickness: 0.7″
Weight: Bed Partition (3.98 lbs); Garage Partition (3.3 lbs)


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