VannCamp Window Covers: The Perfect Solution for Your Van

VannCamp window covers are the perfect way to add privacy, insulation, and light control to your van. Whether you’re looking to keep the sun out on a hot day or the cold out on a winter night, our window covers have you covered.

We offer two versions of window covers: a SummerShield Lite version and a AllSeasonGuard Pro version. Here is a comparison of their materials:

3 season cover materials
SummerShield Lite Version
  • · Water-resistant fabric
    · Double-sided aluminum foil XPE
    · Thickness: 5.5mm
4 season cover materials
AllSeasonGuard Pro Version
  • · Water-resistant fabric
    · Double-sided aluminum foil XPE
    · 3M Thinsulate
    · Thickness: 15.5mm


– Nylon with water-resistant coating. Nylon has excellent UV resistance, durability, dimensional stability, and longevity. The fabric side facing the insulation layer has a high-performance water-resistant coating that also helps to increase fabric stiffness and prevent cracking.

Insulation Layer

Material 1: Double-sided aluminum foil XPE. XPE is lightweight and has excellent insulation properties, while also having some sound insulation ability. Aluminum foil has the function of reflecting heat radiation. This layer is 5.5mm thick. Compared to the commonly used Reflectix, double-sided aluminum foil XPE can block heat conduction more effectively and maintain the same excellent heat reflection ability.

Material 2: 3M Thinsulate. A high-performance insulation material developed by 3M. When paired with XPE, it creates a super strong thermal insulation effect. The Thinsulate in the product contains one layer which is 16mm thick in its natural fluffy state and another layer of 10mm thick in its compressed state.

XPE with 3M Thinsulate 1
XPE with 3M Thinsulate

Function Explained: During summer, it blocks external heat from entering the van and prevents the loss of air conditioning in the van; In winter, it slows down the loss of heat in the van and prevents external cold air from entering the van.

Holder Parts

– Rare earth magnets. The four sides of the sunshade contain a sufficient number of strong neodymium magnets inside, which can effectively stick to metal window frames. (Custom solutions are available for non-metal window frames.)

Advantages Over Similar Products

– Thicker XPE thickness;
– Dual insulation effect of 3M Thinsulate and XPE.

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