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For Transit Van – 8 Piece Window Cover Kit – Insulated & Magnetic



• Customized for 2015-2024 Ford Transit Van (Middle & High roof), NOT suitable for Transit Connect
• A large opening of windshield cover can prevent the accumulation of condensation, preventing potential malfunctions of electronic devices (such as cameras or other sensors) behind the rearview mirror
• Block sunlight, UV rays & radiant heat
• Protect the dash and other interior components from sun damage
• Keep the van cool in summer and prevent heat loss in winter
• Reduce some noise & Bring more privacy to your vanlife
• Color: Dark olive-gray inwards & Black outwards
• Only suitable for bare metal window frame
Featured: 4 season covers offer much better insulation in winter!!!
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8 PIECE FULL KIT: Windshield + Front doors + Sliding Door + Crew Window + Rear Window + Roof  Vent Fan
** 3 Piece Cab Kit please Click Me

Each item can be sold separately: click here

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Transit Van Blackout Window Covers Full Kit Included:

  • Windshield Sun Shade
      · A number of fiberglass rods are sewn into the windshield cover to improve the overall rigidity and prevent sagging.
  • Cab Door Window Covers – Pair
      · The cover with bug net can be folded down 1/3 from the top.
  • Sliding Door Window Cover
  • Crew Window Cover
  • Rear Window Covers – Pair
  • Roof Vent Fan Cover – For the MaxxAir and Fantastic fans

Features Of Our Transit Window Covers:

· Customized For Transit van

Our team measures the van window carefully, then builds a data model based on the measurements and sends it to a computer to be converted into a blueprint for a precision cutting machine. Then we cut the fabric to fit the window frame, allowing it to cover the window glass entirely.

After preparing all the materials, we use sewing machines to sew fabric and insulation tightly together. No doubt they can be used for many years.

· Significant Thermal Insulation

These products are made of a 5.5mm-thick XPE foam insulation material that’s typically used in automobiles, with double-sided aluminum foil covering. The aluminum foil provides protection against UV rays and radiant heat, while the foam insulation is key to preventing heat transfer.

These covers are designed to keep your Transit van comfortable throughout the year. During the summer, the insulating foam blocks the heat from entering the van, significantly reducing the temperature inside. In the winter, the covers keep the heat inside the van from escaping, slowing down temperature loss. The non-toxic insulating foam is free from harmful additives, giving you peace of mind.

The 4-season covers have an extra layer of insulation for maximum temperature control. 3M Thinsulate or 4 layers of cotton are added for improved insulation, and an inner waterproof layer ensures the covers stay dry and hygienic. The front door covers will be randomly shipped from the 3M Thinsulate and cotton versions, all other covers have been 3M Thinsulate. The added insulation is especially effective when using air conditioning, keeping the interior of your Transit van cool and comfortable.

· Powerful Neodymium Magnets

These shades are designed for easy installation and removal. They feature rare earth magnets sewn onto the edges of the shades (excluding the windshield shade) that provide strong attraction to grab onto the window frame, ensuring a secure fit even in bumpy conditions. The magnetic feature makes it simple to install and remove the shades whenever you need them, giving you complete control over the amount of light and privacy in your Transit van.

· Durable Fabric

We selected polyester as our material of choice because it offers superior UV protection compared to nylon. This further ensures that our blackout covers will maintain their integrity over time, giving you long-lasting performance that you can rely on.

Plus, Our fabric is completely waterproof thanks to an added coating on the inside. This coating not only prevents water from penetrating inside the cover, but it also strengthens the fabric for added durability. Even if the outside surface gets wet, you can rest assured that the interior of the cover will stay dry and well-protected.

The current style comes in two colors: dark gray on the front and black on the back. Black is towards the outside of the window. It looks pitch black from the outside, so you will get full privacy. The dark gray surface has a grid pattern, which adds a sense of luxury to the product. In the future, we will add more colors for you to choose from.

· Foldable & Easy to Store

These shades are designed to be convenient for frequent use, making installation and disassembly a breeze. When not in use (excluding the windshield shade), you can simply fold them from the bottom to the top for easy storage. The shades can also be conveniently put back to work when needed. Additionally, each shade comes with a storage bag, so you can fold them up and store them neatly together, saving space in your Transit van.

Get the Transit Insulated and Magnetic Window Cover Set for Complete Privacy and Temperature Control Now!

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  1. I got the 4 season covers. They’re very thick, which was a bit more than I expected. After using them for a while, I confirm that they work well and are worth it.

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For Transit Van - 8 Piece Window Cover Kit – Insulated & Magnetic For Transit Van - 8 Piece Window Cover Kit – Insulated & Magnetic
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