20 Best Camper Vans for Camping In 2024

Today, owning a camper van has become a trend, which is not surprising due to the benefits of the vans. For example, camper vans, or campervans, offer the benefit of flexibility, so that owners can customize them according to their tastes and needs.

However, the common challenge in choosing a camper van is knowing which one to go for. Yes, there are different campervans with different designs and features, which might make it difficult for you to choose one for your van life. 

Hence, we bring you the best 20 camper vans for van life in 2024. 

How to Choose a Camper Van for Van Life

Before forging into our list of the best camper vans in 2024, it is best to provide you with some tips on choosing the right camper van. Here are two important factors to consider when selecting your tiny mobile house:

Size: the most important factor to consider when choosing a camper van is the size, and this should depend on how many people your van life involves. If you are camping alone, you might want to look in the direction of a compact camper, but if your adventure includes your family, a larger camping van that seats at least four people should be your ideal choice. 

Use: your choice of camper van will also depend on the use. It is important to know how often you will be using the vehicle. While some get a camper van for weekend use only, others see it as a home. If your camper van serves as a home on long trips, you want to consider facilities like a bathroom and kitchen to help make your adventure itch-free.

20 Best Camper Vans for Camping In 2024

1. Winnebago Revel Camper Van

1.Winnebago Revel Camper Van
Picture Source: winnebago.com

Sitting on the first position of our list of best camper vans in 2024 is the Winnebago Revel Camper Van. The camp van is built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis but is equipped with 4×4 capabilities, making it an ideal van for off-road adventures. 

Winnebago Revel comes with a powered patio that creates shade over you when it is hot out there, while you find the big light useful at night, so you are safe with your family when the sun is out of sight.

Added to the van’s exterior is a fold-down table that springs up when you plan to have dinner with your family outside.

Insider, the Winnebago provides everything you need for itch-free van life since the van is built for those who see that camper van as a home. 

For example, the Winnebago comes with a shower room, toilet, seating area, and a kitchen, which are all necessary for van life.

Winnebago is also ideal for all-year-round camping, thanks to a diesel-powered heating system that keeps you warm when it is cold.

It is worth mentioning that Winnebago draws its power from a 200-watt solar power system.

2. Nomad Vanz Sprinter Conversion

2.Nomad Vanz Sprinter Conversion
Picture Source: nomadvanz.com

On the second position on our list of best camper vans for 2024 is the Nomad Vanz Sprinter converted from a Mercedes Sprinter. Regardless of your type of adventure, this camper van is one you want to go with. 

Starting from outside, the chassis has been customized to withstand heavy use, such as traveling the road less traveled. More to the outside is the 175-liter water storage for showering and a massive LED light mounted to the roof to brighten your night and you can access the safari roof rack with a built-in ladder.

Inside, this van is truly a home. For example, the kitchen is equipped with a fridge, sink, and storage, while all you need to do when you need a dining area is to swivel the driver and passenger seats. 

3. VW Crafter VanWorx

3.VW Crafter VanWorx
Picture Source: vanworx.co.uk

VanWorx is a renowned UK-based campervan brand, and the VW Crafter is one of its products to make it to this list of best camper vans to camp in 2024. 

The VW Crafter VanWorx, a VW Crafter conversion, prioritizes providing more room and doing the off-road job. The campervan comes with the flexibility of taking extra off-road capabilities, such as underbody protection, extra suspension, and off-road tires. These are all handy for traveling the dirt road.

VanWorx seats four comfortably and offers the options of long and medium wheelbase, depending on your space requirement. 

VanWorx sleeps four, with an extra fold-out bed to accommodate the fifth person. However, sleeping up to four with the VW Crafter means sacrificing the shower room, as only two people can sleep with the shower room existing.

4. Benchmark Ford Transit Camper

4.Benchmark Ford Transit Camper
Picture Source: benchmarkvehicles.com

Another camper van to make it to every list of camper vans for van life in 2024 is the Benchmark, a Ford Transit conversion. This camper van shows you the best conversion you could imagine from Ford Transit. 

A lot of work has gone into converting this ford transit into a camper van, not just a camper van but one that makes van life fun and memorable.

The off-road tires mean you can travel through all kinds of terrain, while the light bar illuminates your environment when it is dark at night. 

The first impression you get from the outside is that Benchmark is rough and rugged, but moving inside, the light and airy atmosphere that welcomes you will prove you wrong. The inside is intelligently partitioned, such that the front area features the kitchen, which contains a fridge, cooker, and sink. 

The large double bed in the van is also another asset to talk about. The bed is designed to fold up when not used, creating more space for storage and other activities in the van. 

5. Knaus BoxStar 600

5.Knauss BoxStar 600
Picture Source: knaus.com

If you are looking for flexibility in setting up your camping van, the BoxStar 600 is a great option to consider. You can set up the BoxStar in different formations depending on your needs and preference. 

While you can achieve double bunk beds, you also have the option of a lifting bed that offers more sleeping space. 

Regardless of the formation, the BoxStar seats four and each seat is provided with a seat belt to ensure your family is safe while on the move. Plus, when you reach your destination, you can transform the seats into a dining area. 

Also provided in the Knaus BoxStar 600 are the necessary amenities to make your adventure memorable. These include the spacious bath and shower cabin. You also have an equipped kitchen to make cooking easier.

Besides the sleeping and seating areas, the spacious bath and shower cabin are other features to cherish in the Knaus BoxStar 600, as they let you stay clean on your adventure. Thanks to a generously-sized kitchenette, cooking for the family is easy in the Knaus BoxStar.

On the van’s exterior are other amenities, such as access to water without having to go inside. 

6. Dalbury E Electric

6.Dalbury E Electric
Picture Source: practicalmotorhome.com

Electric vehicles are now a trend in the automotive industry, and camper vans are not left out. The Dalbury E is hailed for being the first electric camp van. This van stands out in the electric-campervan class because it can achieve 80% charge in 30 minutes, which is a real feat in the electric-van class. 

Inside, you will find the necessary amenities for smooth van life. Though this camp van is small, it offers the comfort of home. You can swivel the bench seat to achieve a dining area, while the bench seat can also convert into a large bed. Plus, the kitchen area comes with a fridge, sink, and gas hob.

7. Ford Terrier M Sport

7. Ford Terrier M Sport
Picture Source: blueovaltrucks.com

The Ford Terrier M Sport is occupying our eighth position on this list for being a speed beast. If you plan to take your camper van on weekend trips, speed is one factor you don’t want to trade-off, and the Terrier M is there for you. 

Moving inside the Ford Terrier, the coziness of the interior is what you would probably notice first. Starting from the white M-Sport dials and the leather seats to the M-Sport mats, the interior is one of a kind.

However, this doesn’t mean the Terrier only focuses on beauty; the camper van also provides all amenities you will need for your van life. For example, the 12V compressor fridge, toilet, and sink are to make your adventure itch-free.

8. VW Caddy

8. VW Caddy
Picture Source: zillka-mobile.de

Another camper van you want to consider for van life in 2024 is the VW Caddy. This is an ideal camping van for those looking for a compact van. Though the Caddy is small, it offers all you would expect from a camper van. 

Besides the perks of owning a compact camping van, the Caddy utilizes the inside space well and manages to provide everything that will make your van life smooth and enjoyable. The van seats four people, and each seat comes with a seat belt, making it a safe option for you and your family. 

The passenger seats convert into a large bed for a sound night sleep and the kitchen has all the necessary amenities.

9. Thor Sequence

9.2022 Thor Sequence
Picture Source: thormotorcoach.com

Many van lifers love the Thor Sequence for its impressive gas mileage, thanks to the 3.6L V6 engine. 

The Sequence draws its power from a 190-watt solar panel supported by dual 100Ah lithium house batteries. 

The van seats and sleeps four people, which is an ideal option for a family looking to have a van life in a camper van. 

Inside is a full kitchen and a wet bath with all necessary amenities, like a sink, cooktop, and a refrigerator. Plus, the Sequence features a large waste tank.

10. Pleasure-Way Tofino

10.2022 Pleasure Way Tofino
Picture Source: pleasureway.com

Here is another portable camping van to consider for van life. However, due to its size, the Tofino lacks an onboard bathroom, but you may sacrifice some cargo space for a portable camping toilet. 

The compact camper van seats and sleeps four people. While the rear seat folds into a large bed to sleep two adults, the roof pops up to sleep two kids, meaning the Tofino is designed for families. 

On the kitchenette front, though the Tofino is small, it manages to provide every amenities you would look for in a campervan kitchen. These include a stainless steel sink, a refrigerator, and a single-burner stove. 

11. Fiat Ducato Sunlight Cliff 600

11. Fiat Ducato Sunlight Cliff 600
Picture Source: auxcamper.de

The Sunlight Cliff 600 was introduced in 2018 and has since been a force to reckon with. Coming from a reputable German expert, Dethleffs, Sunlight Cliff is not a disappointment. This camper van is also an option to consider because it comes from a renowned umbrella company, Hymer. 

The stylish wooden accents are what will first catch your interest inside the 600. The interior of this camper van has all you would need in a home, such as the large washroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. You also have enough storage facility with the 600. Also worth noticing inside is the bathroom, which is cozy enough to give you the vibe of being at home.

The kitchen is large, so you have the luxury of navigating around when cooking. Plus, the swivel seats in the dining area occupy four, while the large double bed at the rear awaits you after a long day.

12. Ram Promaster City

12. Ram Promaster City
Picture Source: lawless.com

Next on this list is a compact camper van, the Ram Promaster City. Though the van is small, it has enough space, thanks to the square shape. The boxy shape is a great idea for more headroom, so you and your family don’t hunch over when sitting.

However, this camper van comes in two different versions. The first version features a large double bed that occupies the whole van, and though you have more sleeping space, the van is not so practical, and you might find yourself sitting outside all the time. This also means your kitchen is set up outside, which is not what everyone likes. 

The second version is a more practical option, offering a bench that converts into a bed at night. This layout gives the benefit of chilling inside without sitting on the bed. 

13. Hymer Aktiv 2.0

13. Hymer Aktiv 2.0
Picture Source: rvusa.com

The Hymer Aktiv is another camper van worth making it to every list of best camping vans in 2024. The camper van is intelligently built inside and outside, and this is different from others as it can sleep up to five people, thanks to the unique layout. This is the same for the seating space; the Hymer seats five people. 

The dining area takes the front part of the van and features two regular seats, two swivel front seats, and a dining table. The rear sofa adds to the seating area until it is converted to a bedroom at night. 

14. VW Bus

14. VW Bus
Picture Source: goboony.com

Talk about the history of camper vans, and you would mention the VW Bus. The VW Bus is regarded as the origin of campervans, and while 1950 might be a long time ago, the VW Bus is still loved by many today.

The inside layout is excellent for sleeping four people but is reduced to two when the roof is popped-down. The striking leather interior that matches the camper’s outside color and the checkerboard floor is the first thing to notice in the interior. 

15. Roadtrek SS Agile

15.Roadtrek SS Agile
Picture Source: roadtrek.com

Like other camper vans on this list, the Roadtrek SS Agile is yet another camper van that provides everything you need for your van life. This van is outstanding for its spacious interior, which can comfortably seat five people. The sofa, positioned at the rear, converts to a king-size bed at night at the press of a button. 

In the kitchen is everything you need, such as a fridge, a stainless steel sink, and a two-burner stove. The bathroom and the shower are also not left out on the list of what to attract your interest in the Class B RV. 

16. Jayco Swift

16. 2022 Jayco Swift
Picture Source: jayco.com

The 2024 Jayco Swift is highly praised for its engine and transmission. The camper van is equipped with a 3.6L V6 engine and 6-speed automatic 62TE transmission. Plus, the 3500 chassis is powerful enough to carry the van on all terrains. 

Inside is an onboard wet bath with a water management system. The kitchen features a stainless steel sink, a two-burner cooktop, and a fridge. 

The seating and sleeping arrangements are also commendable. The Jayco Swift seats four people and, depending on the arrangement, can sleep up to four people too. 

17. Storyteller Overland

17. 2022 Storyteller Overland
Picture Source: storytelleroverland.com

The storyteller overland is another camper van to consider for van life in 2024. The van is offered in four versions, and each version is a beast on its own. 

Regardless of versions, the storyteller comes with a fold-out bed that sleeps two people in the rear, and converting the bench seat into a bed sleeps two more people. Plus, you can convert the rear bed into storage or workspace. 

The kitchen is equipped with a portable cooktop, a refrigerator, sink, and a microwave. Inside the interior are a toilet and a shower complete with an exterior shower. 

18. Sportsmobile Classic  

18.Sportsmobile Classic
Picture Source: sportsmobile.com

Another camper van you want to consider for van life in 2024 is the Sportsmobile Classic, and this is yet another off-road vehicle to tour everywhere you want to go. 

The Sportsmobile classic shares the same body with a Ford Cutaway but has been reinforced inside and outside to withstand different driving and van-life conditions. The roof is adjustable, such that it can pop up when there is a need for more head space and pop down for ease of driving on rugged roads. 

Outside, the camper van features some extras to make van life easier. For example, the awning springs out to provide shades, while your family has access to a roof rack and box for storage, while the fold-down table is handy during dinner.

Also worth mentioning are the solar panels that supply power to the Sportsmobile.

19. EarthCruiser GZL 300

19. EarthCruiser GZL 300
Picture Source: earthcruiser.com

Sitting on number sixteen on our list of best camper vans for van life in 2024 is the EarthCruiser GZL 300. The EarthCruiser is a fantastic option for those looking for a camper van and a truck in one vehicle. With the EarthCruiser, you can remove the camper when you need a truck for your daily activities. 

Here is a camper van built from a truck, and since a truck is a powerful vehicle, you can expect your camper to have off-road capabilities. 

The EarthCruiser features an adjustable roof, which can move down for ease of driving and up for extra room useful when standing. 

20. The Cabin by Paved to Pines 

20. The Cabin by Paved to Pines
Picture Source: pavedtopines.com

The last camper on our list is the cabin, a school bus conversion from paved to pines. The Cabin’s interior is beautifully made, such that the walls and ceilings are covered with wooden cladding, giving a sense of being inside a cabin.

Also found in the interior to catch your eyes are the upholstery, kitchen, and bedroom, which all carry green accents. Plus, the color scheme in the cabin ties every part of the van together. 

The cabin comes with an L-shaped sofa that separates the living room from the dining/kitchen. 

With this bus, you won’t have the feeling of being away from home, as you have access to everything you would find in a home. The bus has a large fridge freezer, an oven, and a dining table, as a bonus to the usual components a camper van would offer. 


Though they are designed for the same purposes, each camper van is different in its features. Hence, choosing the best camper van for a van life in 2024 will depend on your priority, as mentioned above. 

Factors such as size and use of your camper van play significant roles in choosing the right camper van for van life. 

Most vans on this list seat and sleep up to four people, meaning each one is a great idea for families. Hence, regardless of your choice, you are never wrong with any campervan you choose from this list for a camper life in 2024.