Insulated & Magnetic & CustomVan Window Covers

All-Season Guard: Superior Insulation, Enhanced Privacy, and Effective Noise Reduction.

All-Season Guard: superior insulation, enhanced privacy, and effective noise reduction.

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Magnets make mounting a breeze.

" I absolutely love these magnetic window shades! "     —— Dana L.

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You'll Get These Benefits

Block Out Sunlight

The room is dimly lit, providing a relaxing atmosphere for rest.

block sunlight

Delivering Full Privacy

Behave as you wish, with no need to worry about privacy leaks!

ProMaster van rear door window shade

Keep Great Insulation

Beat the summer heat and winter chill – no more hassle!

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Product Features

insulation layer

Effective Insulation

5.5mm double-sided aluminum foil auto-grade XPE with 3M Thinsulate.


Powerful Magnets

Rare earth magnets, securely attach to your window frame; Easy to install and remove.

water proof

Durable Fabric

Nylon fabric with a water-repellent coating; Gorgeous reflective grid pattern.


Easy Storage

Folding and strapping design; Each comes with a strong storage bag.

window cover detail

For more detailed information, please read this article.

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5.5mm XPE

3M Thinsulate
(Exclusive to AllSeasonGuard Pro)

Superior Insulation

Affordable Prices


4mm XPE

No additional layer

Basic Insulation

Exorbitant Prices

Significant cooling in the summer!

PC hotBeforeAfterPC cool
Mobile HotBeforeAfterMobile Cool

However, it also makes the winters unusually warm!!

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Are you still skeptical about our camper van window shades?

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