Affiliate Policy

We greatly value and appreciate those who recommend and promote our services and products to others. The following rules apply to your acting as an affiliate to sell our products:

Cookie Duration

60 days. For 60 days, you will earn a commission on every purchase made by people who have visited your link.


We mainly use PayPal or other acceptable payment services for payment.

What you receive may be slightly less after taking into account third-party processing fees. In particular, payments to affiliates will primarily be via PayPal or other means with payments in US dollars, and PayPal or other merchant processing charges a fee for its services. More information can be found at

Withdrawal Commission

When your commission reaches $100, you can apply for a withdrawal commission. We will complete the review and pay within 3 days.

Commission Calculation

10% of each order sale.

Returns, refunds, and canceled orders do not incur commissions; in order to avoid errors caused by the above, the commission generated by each order will not be withdrawn until 45 days after the transaction.


Affiliates are solely responsible for their own advertising, which must be truthful and not deceptive. Affiliate advertising is not pre-approved or reviewed by us. Affiliates may not run any ads that include our trademark, such as “vanncamp”, “van n camp”, “”.

Coupon Site

We are looking for affiliates who are passionate about our products and want to share their knowledge and experience with others. We believe that the best way to promote our products is through high-quality content and word-of-mouth marketing.

That’s why we don’t work with coupon sites. Coupon sites are often low-quality and spammy, and they don’t provide the kind of value that we’re looking for in our affiliates.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, we encourage you to create high-quality content about our products, such as blog posts, videos, or social media posts. You can also promote our products offline by talking to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Junk Faxes & Spam

It is against US federal law to engage in commercial advertising using unsolicited faxes or spam to persons located in the US. It is against the law, even if your country or jurisdiction may permit unsolicited fax advertising until a person opt-outs from receiving further advertisements.

We do not permit our affiliates to send unsolicited faxes and spam advertising any of our products to anyone or promote affiliates’ web pages or content on which our products or services are mentioned.

Any affiliate found to have sent unsolicited faxes or emails, whether or not to someone they have an existing business relationship with, may, at our discretion, have their license and right to use and/or market our products and services terminated.

This terminating event will not result in a reimbursement of any monies that have been paid to us. Any owed commissions will be forfeited to us.

You also agree to defend, indemnify, and hold us harmless, including our owners, employees, independent contractors, subsidiaries, affiliates, attorneys, consultants, business associates, service providers, suppliers and agents, and anyone else, from any liability, claims, or demands, whether legal or equitable in nature, arising from your directly or indirectly sending unsolicited fax advertisements.


Affiliates are prohibited from copying, framing, or otherwise making our website appear on another domain.

Affiliates are prohibited from taking any action or using any practice or technology, which interferes with our website and/or tracking of referrals or affiliate commissions. This includes the use of toolbars, download technology, cookie stuffing, and any other system, practice, or scheme which results in a non-user-caused event that creates a commissionable event.

Affiliates are prohibited from accessing our website or causing any access to our website, in violation of any of these terms.